Personal Escort

Name: Daniel

Age: 46

Location: Rugby but will travel throughout the UK

Services offered : Social bookings, Personal bookings, Overnight stays, Naked Cleaning and Butler in the buff services.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Daniel is a very sexy 46 year old gentleman who can hold a great and fun filled conversation. Standing tall at 6ft 3 with a well built physique, tasteful tattoos and stubble he fits many women’s fantasy’s. He has striking green eyes with salt and pepper hair giving him a handsome and distinguished appearance. Coming from a professional background, Daniel is always on time, well mannered and leaves an excellent impression on every one he meets so would make the perfect companion for any social gatherings you may have. 

Having an open mind and being well experienced in the bedroom department means any personal bookings are always finished with complete satisfaction. Daniels greatest enjoyment is making sure his partner has all her expectations fulfilled. He loves fantasy, sub/dom situations and is also to happy to meet with couples, adding that extra spice. 

Book early to ensure availability with this popular companion. 

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